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Canada Cooperatives Act

Version of section 231 from 2011-11-29 to 2024-05-28:

Marginal note:Presumption of ownership

  •  (1) A purchaser is the owner of a security held for the purchaser by a securities broker, but a purchaser is not a holder except in the cases described in paragraphs 230(b) and (c).

  • Marginal note:Ownership of part of fungible bulk

    (2) If a security is part of a fungible bulk, a purchaser of the security is the owner of the proportionate interest or right in the fungible bulk.

  • Marginal note:Notice to securities broker of adverse claim

    (3) Notice of an adverse claim received by a securities broker or by a purchaser after the broker takes delivery as a holder for value is not effective against the broker or the purchaser, except that, as between the broker and the purchaser, the purchaser may demand delivery of an equivalent security in respect of which no notice of an adverse claim has been received.

  • 1998, c. 1, s. 231
  • 2011, c. 21, s. 96

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