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Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999

Version of section 118 from 2002-12-31 to 2016-12-11:

Marginal note:Regulations

  •  (1) The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister, make regulations for the purpose of preventing or reducing the growth of aquatic vegetation that is caused by the release of nutrients in waters and that can interfere with the functioning of an ecosystem or degrade or alter, or form part of a process of degrading or altering, an ecosystem to an extent that is detrimental to its use by humans, animals or plants, including regulations

    • (a) prescribing nutrients;

    • (b) prescribing the permissible concentration of a prescribed nutrient in a cleaning product or water conditioner;

    • (c) respecting the conditions, test procedures and laboratory practices to be followed for analysing, testing, measuring or monitoring a nutrient, cleaning product or water conditioner; and

    • (d) requiring persons who manufacture for use or sale in Canada or import a cleaning product or water conditioner

      • (i) to maintain books and records for the proper administration of this Division and the regulations,

      • (ii) to submit samples of the cleaning product or water conditioner to the Minister, and

      • (iii) to submit to either Minister information regarding cleaning products, water conditioners and their ingredients.

  • Marginal note:Nutrients regulated under other Acts of Parliament

    (2) The Governor in Council shall not make a regulation under subsection (1) in respect of a nutrient to the extent that the nutrient, or a product in which the nutrient is contained, is, in the opinion of the Governor in Council, regulated by or under any other Act of Parliament in a manner that provides, in the opinion of the Governor in Council, sufficient protection to the environment.

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