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Competition Act

Version of section 29 from 2019-04-03 to 2024-05-01:

Marginal note:Confidentiality

  •  (1) No person who performs or has performed duties or functions in the administration or enforcement of this Act shall communicate or allow to be communicated to any other person except to a Canadian law enforcement agency or for the purposes of the administration or enforcement of this Act

    • (a) the identity of any person from whom information was obtained pursuant to this Act;

    • (b) any information obtained pursuant to section 11, 15, 16 or 114;

    • (b.1) any information obtained under any of sections 53.71 to 53.81 of the Canada Transportation Act;

    • (c) whether notice has been given or information supplied in respect of a particular proposed transaction under section 114;

    • (d) any information obtained from a person requesting a certificate under section 102; or

    • (e) any information provided voluntarily pursuant to this Act.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (2) This section does not apply in respect of any information that has been made public or any information the communication of which was authorized by the person who provided the information.

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