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Competition Act

Version of section 94 from 2019-04-03 to 2024-06-19:

Marginal note:Exception

 The Tribunal shall not make an order under section 92 in respect of

  • (a) a merger substantially completed before the coming into force of this section;

  • (b) a merger or proposed merger under the Bank Act, the Cooperative Credit Associations Act, the Insurance Companies Act or the Trust and Loan Companies Act in respect of which the Minister of Finance has certified to the Commissioner the names of the parties and that the merger is in the public interest — or that it would be in the public interest, taking into account any terms and conditions that may be imposed under those Acts;

  • (c) a merger or proposed merger approved under subsection 53.2(7) of the Canada Transportation Act and in respect of which the Minister of Transport has certified to the Commissioner the names of the parties; or

  • (d) a merger or proposed merger that constitutes an existing or proposed arrangement, as defined in section 53.7 of the Canada Transportation Act, that has been authorized by the Minister of Transport under subsection 53.73(8) of that Act and for which the authorization has not been revoked.

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