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Version of section 104.101 from 2005-10-05 to 2013-02-28:

Marginal note:Research or statistical purposes

 Information may be made available for research or statistical purposes to any person or body, including one referred to in any of sections 104.03 to 104.06 or 105, if

  • (a) the Minister is of the opinion that the research or statistical purposes are consistent with the principles set out in paragraphs 104.102(1)(a) to (e);

  • (b) the Minister is of the opinion that the purpose for which the information is made available cannot reasonably be accomplished unless the information is provided in a form that may identify the individual to whom it relates; and

  • (c) the information is made available subject to conditions set out in an agreement between the Minister and the person or body, and the person or body undertakes in the agreement not to subsequently disclose the information in a form that could reasonably be expected to identify the individual to whom it relates.

  • 2005, c. 35, s. 52

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