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Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act

Version of section 25.1 from 2003-06-19 to 2012-06-28:

Marginal note:Criteria for eligibility

  •  (1) In order that a province may qualify for a full cash contribution under sections 24.2 and 24.5 and subsection 24.6(3) for a fiscal year, the laws of the province must not

    • (a) require or allow a period of residence in the province or Canada to be set as a condition of eligibility for social assistance or for the receipt or continued receipt of social assistance; or

    • (b) make or allow the amount, form or manner of social assistance to be contingent on a period of such residence.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (2) The criteria in subsection (1) are not contravened by a requirement of a health insurance plan of a province of a minimum period of residence in the province or waiting period that does not contravene paragraph 11(1)(a) of the Canada Health Act.

  • 2003, c. 15, s. 8

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