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Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act

Version of section 4.4 from 2006-06-22 to 2007-06-21:

Marginal note:Payments to territories

 Subject to the provisions of this Part, there may be paid to a territory

  • (a) for each fiscal year in the period beginning on April 1, 2001 and ending on March 31, 2005, a Formula Financing Grant and a Supplemental Formula Financing Grant not exceeding the amounts calculated in accordance with sections 4.7 to 4.9; and

  • (b) for each fiscal year that begins after March 31, 2005, a territorial formula financing payment not exceeding the amount calculated in accordance with section 4.92.

  • 2005, c. 7, s. 1
  • 2006, c. 4, s. 185

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