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Canada Oil and Gas Operations Act

Version of section 5.01 from 2014-04-01 to 2016-06-18:

Marginal note:Right of entry

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), any person may, for the purpose of exploring for or exploiting oil or gas, enter on and use the surface of the land in any area in which this Act applies in order to carry on a work or activity authorized under paragraph 5(1)(b).

  • Marginal note:Restriction

    (2) Where a person occupies land in an area to which this Act applies under a lawful right or title, other than an authorization under paragraph 5(1)(b) or an interest as defined in section 2 of the Canada Petroleum Resources Act, no person may enter on or use the surface of that land for a purpose mentioned in subsection (1) without the consent of the occupier or, where consent has been refused, except in accordance with the terms and conditions of

    • (a) in the case of land within Nunavut, a decision of the Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal made in accordance with the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act;

    • (a.1) in the case of land in the Northwest Territories, an order made by a territorial tribunal that is competent to resolve matters in dispute relating to access to the surface of lands; and

    • (b) in any other case, a decision of an arbitrator made in accordance with the regulations.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (3) Subsections (1) and (2) do not apply in respect of Inuit-owned land as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Nunavut Waters and Nunavut Surface Rights Tribunal Act.

  • (4) [Repealed, 1998, c. 5, s. 12]

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