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Federal Public Sector Labour Relations Act

Version of section 4 from 2017-06-19 to 2018-11-25:

Marginal note:Definitions

  •  (1) The following definitions apply in this Part.

    essential service

    essential service means a service, facility or activity of the Government of Canada that has been determined under subsection 119(1) to be essential. (services essentiels)

    essential services agreement

    essential services agreement[Repealed, 2013, c. 40, s. 294]


    mediator means a person appointed as a mediator under subsection 108(1). (médiateur)

    National Joint Council

    National Joint Council[Repealed, 2017, c. 9, s. 4]


    parties, in relation to collective bargaining, arbitration, conciliation or a dispute, means the employer and the bargaining agent. (parties)

    public interest commission

    public interest commission means a commission established under Division 10. (commission de l’intérêt public)

  • (2) [Repealed, 2013, c. 40, s. 294]

  • 2003, c. 22, s. 2 “4”
  • 2013, c. 40, s. 294
  • 2017, c. 9, s. 4

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