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Statistics Act

Version of section 22 from 2002-12-31 to 2017-12-11:

Marginal note:General statistics

 Without limiting the duties of Statistics Canada under section 3 or affecting any of its powers or duties in respect of any specific statistics that may otherwise be authorized or required under this Act, the Chief Statistician shall, under the direction of the Minister, collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistics in relation to all or any of the following matters in Canada:

  • (a) population;

  • (b) agriculture;

  • (c) health and welfare;

  • (d) law enforcement, the administration of justice and corrections;

  • (e) government and business finance;

  • (f) immigration and emigration;

  • (g) education;

  • (h) labour and employment;

  • (i) commerce with other countries;

  • (j) prices and the cost of living;

  • (k) forestry, fishing and trapping;

  • (l) mines, quarries and wells;

  • (m) manufacturing;

  • (n) construction;

  • (o) transportation, storage and communication;

  • (p) electric power, gas and water utilities;

  • (q) wholesale and retail trade;

  • (r) finance, insurance and real estate;

  • (s) public administration;

  • (t) community, business and personal services; and

  • (u) any other matters prescribed by the Minister or by the Governor in Council.

  • 1970-71-72, c. 15, s. 21
  • 1976-77, c. 54, s. 74

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