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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 15.1 from 2009-05-28 to 2013-12-11:

 In this Part,

disabling injury

disabling injury means an employment injury or an occupational disease that

  • (a) prevents an employee from reporting for work or from effectively performing all the duties connected with the employee’s regular work on any day subsequent to the day on which the injury or disease occurred, whether or not that subsequent day is a working day for that employee,

  • (b) results in the loss by an employee of a body member or part thereof or in the complete loss of the usefulness of a body member or part thereof, or

  • (c) results in the permanent impairment of a body function of an employee; (blessure invalidante)

district office

district office, in respect of a work place, means the office of the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development that is responsible for the HRSDC Labour Program and that is

  • (a) closest to the work place, and

  • (b) in any of the Department’s administrative regions in which the work place is situated; (bureau de district)

minor injury

minor injury means an employment injury or an occupational disease for which medical treatment is provided and excludes a disabling injury. (blessure légère)

  • SOR/89-479, s. 1
  • SOR/2009-147, s. 9

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