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Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

Version of section 16.8 from 2019-06-25 to 2024-05-01:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), if a hazard for skin or eye injury from a hazardous substance exists in the workplace, the employer shall ensure that shower facilities to wash the skin and eye wash facilities to irrigate the eyes are provided for immediate use by employees.

  • (2) If it is not feasible to comply with subsection (1), the employer shall provide portable equipment that may be used in place of the facilities referred to in that subsection.

  • (3) If, due to adverse or extreme weather conditions, it is not feasible for the employer to comply with either subsection (1) or (2), the employer shall provide for all employees likely to be exposed to hazardous substances in the work place personal protection equipment for all parts of their bodies that may be exposed.

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