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Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2008-04-03 to 2009-03-31:

 In these Regulations,

aboriginal organization

aboriginal organization includes an Indian band, an Indian band council, a tribal council and an organization that represents a territorially based aboriginal community; (organisation autochtone)


designated[Repealed, SOR/2002-225, s. 11]


licence means a communal licence issued under subsection 4(1); (permis)


Minister means, in respect of

  • (a) fisheries for the fish and species of fish described in subsection 3(1) of the Quebec Fishery Regulations, 1990, in the waters referred to in that subsection, the Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec,

  • (a.1) fisheries in the non-tidal waters of Ontario, the Minister of Natural Resources for Ontario; and

  • (b) any other fishery, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. (ministre)

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