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Withdrawal of Certain Lands (Mayo, Y.T.) from Disposal Order (SI/91-155)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

Withdrawal of Certain Lands (Mayo, Y.T.) from Disposal Order



Registration 1991-12-04

Withdrawal of Certain Lands (Mayo, Y.T.) from Disposal Order

P.C. 1991-2297 1991-11-21

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, is pleased hereby:

  • (a) to revoke Order in Council P.C. 1991-1048 of June 6, 1991Footnote *; and

  • (b) pursuant to paragraph 23(a) of the Territorial Lands Act, for the reason that the lands are required to facilitate the settlement of native land claims, to order the withdrawal from disposal under the Territorial Lands Act of the lands described in the schedule hereto, including all mines and minerals, whether solid, liquid or gaseous, but excluding sand and gravel that may be disposed of pursuant to the Territorial Quarrying Regulations, and excluding the forest resources which may be disposed of pursuant to the Yukon Timber Regulations, for the period terminating on December 31, 1993, without prejudice to the holders of


In the Yukon Territory;

all those parcels of land shown as “COMMUNITY LANDS”, “RURAL LANDS” and “AREAS FOR SITE SPECIFIC SELECTION” on the following maps on file at the Federal Claims Office, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, at Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory, copies of which have been deposited with the Supervisor of Lands at Whitehorse and with the Mining Recorders at Whitehorse, Watson Lake, Mayo and Dawson, all in the said Territory:

Territorial Resource Base Maps


  • 105M/5,
  • 105M/6,
  • 105M/7,
  • 105M/8,
  • 105M/9,
  • 105M/10,
  • 105M/11,
  • 105M/12,
  • 105M/13,
  • 105M/14,
  • 105M/15,
  • 105M/16,
  • 105N/5,
  • 105N/10,
  • 105N/11,
  • 105N/12,
  • 105N/13,
  • 105N/14,
  • 105N/15,
  • 105O/11,
  • 105O/15,
  • 106B/3,
  • 106B/5,
  • 106C/2,
  • 106C/3,
  • 106C/6,
  • 106C/8,
  • 106C/9,
  • 106C/11,
  • 106C/12,
  • 106C/13,
  • 106D/1,
  • 106D/2,
  • 106D/3,
  • 106D/4,
  • 106D/5,
  • 106D/7,
  • 106D/8,
  • 106D/9,
  • 106D/10,
  • 106D/11,
  • 106D/15,
  • 106E/1,
  • 106E/2,
  • 106E/3,
  • 106E/5,
  • 106E/7,
  • 106E/8,
  • 106E/14,
  • 106E/15,
  • 106F/3,
  • 106F/16,
  • 115P/5,
  • 115P/6,
  • 115P/7,
  • 115P/8,
  • 115P/9,
  • 115P/10,
  • 115P/11,
  • 115P/12,
  • 115P/15,
  • 115P/16 and
  • 116A/1,

SAVING, EXCEPTING AND RESERVING thereout and therefrom any tract of territorial lands described in the schedule which is subject to a lease or agreement for sale made pursuant to the Territorial Lands Act and the Territorial Lands Regulations.

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