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Canada Oil and Gas Geophysical Operations Regulations (SOR/96-117)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

SCHEDULE III(Paragraph 20(3)(c))

Minimum Distance Between Charge and Commercial Electromagnetic Transmitters

Column IColumn II
ItemTransmitter Power Delivered to Antenna (w)Distance (m)
1not more than 500140
2more than 500 but not more than 1,000200
3more than 1,000 but not more than 2,500305
4more than 2,500 but not more than 5,000460
5more than 5,000 but not more than 10,000670
6more than 10,000 but not more than 25,0001,070
7more than 25,000 but not more than 50,0001,520
8more than 50,000 but not more than 100,0002,160
9more than 100,0004,480

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