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Criminal Proceedings Rules for the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) (SI/2012-7)

Regulations are current to 2021-02-24 and last amended on 2014-01-01. Previous Versions

Form 9Notice of Abandonment

Court File No.


(Superior Court of Justice)

((specify) Region)



(Applicant, Appellant or Respondent)

— and —

(specify name of accused)

(Applicant, Appellant or Respondent)

Notice of Abandonment

(Criminal Proceedings Rules, Form 9)

TAKE NOTICE that the (specify whether Applicant or Appellant) hereby wholly abandons his (or her) application for (or appeal against), (indicate the nature of the order and relief sought in the case of an application or the conviction, order or sentence (in the case of an appeal instituted under paragraph 813(a) of the Code), the order staying proceedings on or dismissing an information or against sentence (in the case of an appeal instituted under paragraph 813(b) of the Code), or the conviction, judgment or verdict of acquittal or other final order on determination (in the case of an appeal instituted under subsection 830(1)).

DATED at blank line, blank line, this blank line day of blank line, 2blank line.

(Signature of applicant or appellant or solicitor acting on behalf of that person)

(name and address)

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