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Criminal Proceedings Rules for the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) (SI/2012-7)

Regulations are current to 2021-02-24 and last amended on 2014-01-01. Previous Versions

Form 15Letter of Request

Court File No.


(Superior Court of Justice)

((specify) Region)



— and —

(specify name of accused)

Letter of Request

(Code, Section 709)

(Criminal Proceedings Rules, Rule 24, Form 15)

TO THE JUDICIAL AUTHORITIES OF (name of province, state or country)

A CRIMINAL PROCEEDING IS PENDING IN THIS COURT at the (City, Town, etc.) of blank line, in the Province of Ontario, Canada, between Her Majesty The Queen and (specify name of accused).

IT HAS BEEN SHOWN TO THIS COURT that it appears necessary for the purpose of justice that a witness residing within your jurisdiction be examined there.

THIS COURT HAS ISSUED A COMMISSION to (name of commissioner) of (address of commissioner), providing for the examination of the witness (name of witness), of (address of witness).

YOU ARE REQUESTED, in furtherance of justice, to cause (name of witness) to appear before the commissioner by the means ordinarily used in your jurisdiction, if necessary to secure attendance, and to answer questions under oath or affirmation (where desired, add:) and to bring to and produce at the examination the following documents and things: (Set out the nature and date of each document and give particulars sufficient to identify each document and thing).

YOU ARE ALSO REQUESTED to permit the commissioner to conduct the examination of the witness in accordance with the law of evidence of Canada and the Criminal Proceedings Rules for the Superior Court of Justice (Ontario) and the commission issued by this court.

AND WHEN YOU REQUEST IT, the courts of Ontario are ready and willing to do the same for you in a similar case.

THIS LETTER OF REQUEST is signed and sealed by order of the court made on (date).

Date blank line

Issued by Local Registrarblank lineAddress of Court Office

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